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Monday, September 29, 2008

We're going on a bear hunt!

So, we took the girls on a camping adventure this past weekend! To a "rustic cabin" in the woods, about 30 minutes from home. Let's see... aside from the battalions of killer mosquitoes and the constant sound of gunfire, I'd say it was great fun.

Yes, gunfire. Little did I know that Bull Run, the campground, was next to Bull Run, the shooting center. "I think I hear fireworks!" Lucy said excitedly. Hm. The "rustic cabin" had a microwave and mini-fridge, so we weren't exactly roughing it. But it did require a walk through the woods to pee. "Are there bears in these woods?" Lucy asked.

"There are no bears in Virginia!" I said. "They live in New Jersey."

"New Jersey..." she repeated thoughtfully.

We joined some friends from the old neighborhood, who left us briefly on Saturday afternoon to go to Target and McDonalds. (Just our kind of campers!) I think our au pair, who is German, and consequently, most resourceful, was sort of horrified that we cooked our dinner in a crock pot. But we did make s'mores over the fire (which she very capably tended.) I'd say Lucy's favorite part was the camp store (which sold out of bug repellent in 3.5 hours) and offered rubber snakes, but no real ones. (Rats! I know you're there! And I'm going to hire a snake to kill you!)

David took some pictures... To come, I promise!

In other news, I have new evidence that I need to clean the house more often. Tonight I took out the Bissell carpet cleaner -- damn you, ranch dressing! -- and Lucy and Margaret spread out a blanket a few feet away, sitting and sipping their respective milks (warm baba for M, strawberry sippy for Lu), while watching with fascination. "Look! We've never seen this before! She's cleaning!!"


Blogger Candy said...

As a New Jersey resident, I can attest for a fact that we have bears here. In fact, I once got a call from my husband as I was driving home late one night, telling me not to get out of my car becuase a bear and her cub were in the driveway. And last week, our garbage can was mangled and pulled halfway through the woods behind our house. We're thinking bear. Or really productive raccoons with attitude and opposable thumbs.

September 30, 2008 at 11:04 AM  

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