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Friday, September 19, 2008

But I love my little changeling

The other day at dinner, after Josephine bared her teeth at David, then giggled ferociously, and then sweetly gave a single green pea to Margaret, he said, "Do you think she's an elf?"

Well, this is certainly a possibility.

"Do you think maybe they thought, 'Well, they won't really notice?'" he asked.

While it is true that the two babies look an awful lot alike, especially with the crazy hair, they also are different in significant ways. And much of it could be explained if we were to believe that the fairies came into their room (the windows are often open!) and dropped off a changeling.

Her pointy little chin, for example. And her ability to speak to the animals. Her scant appetite and penchant for shoes. Fairies love shoes! Also her funny little way of suddenly appearing with contraband.

"Where did you get that nickel???"


"That's right! No money for babies!"

Giggle, giggle.

Her lack of conscience! Fairies are notoriously guiltless.

There is only way to find out for sure. Throw her into a fire. If she's a changeling, she'll burn up. (This is what people say! It's not my idea!) But no, no, no. No. NO. I don't want her to burn up, changeling or no. We love our little fairy baby. (A good Halloween costume? Hm. I was thinking monkey instead.)


Anonymous Evil Auntie Cynthia said...

For Halloween, I'm voting for princess, beauty queen, or movie starlett!

tee hee hee

September 19, 2008 at 12:14 PM  

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