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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

odds and ends

Let's see.

Lots has happened since August... Margaret has a new favorite word. It's coooKIE! And Josephinie has a new favorite word too. It's WOOwoo! (Like the little barky pugs who live next door.) And Margaret has a new favorite song, which goes like this: Baaaa-BA! Baaa-BA! Bababababbaabba! BABA! And Josephine has a new favorite song too, which goes like this: Neh! Neh! Nenehnehenheh!

Still no sign of conscience from her.

We spent a little time over the long weekend with friends at the hippie-dippie pool. Who are these people who let their kids run around naked?? Shame on them. And I know, even though they're making noise about diaper rashes, that they're just lazy with red sangria.

Finally! Our not-so-secret suspicions that Margaret and Josephine actually ARE the cutest babies on the earth have been validated. We let them out of our sight for a minute. or two. And they're surrounded by paparazzi!

What else? We celebrated Mema's birthday with mini-muffins and crepes. And we -- that is, *I* -- continued my assault on the English ivy in the front yard. Don't worry. I wore my hurricane boots, which are impervious to sewage, acid and rats. I think, THINK, that maybe when our yard looks better, our neighbors will talk to us.

And... Lucy started a new class at school yesterday, one where she says, "There are no naughty boys." Well. Thank goodness for that. (Last week, I went to pick her up and there was a boy on the playground who announced, upon my arrival, "Where's MY stupid mother?" Um. "Excuse me, do you know which class that naughty boy is going to be in? Is he going to be in Lucy's class? Because I would prefer not," I patiently asked THREE teachers, before one reassured me that no, he was going to be in a special class for naughty boys who disrespect their mothers and who shouldn't be anywhere my sweet Lucylu with that kind of attitude. We don't need that in our house! No we don't!)

Okay. That's it.


Blogger RandomReality said...

I think someone needs to tell Hippie Mom photog that she is showing butt cleavage.
And ME, as much as I love reading about the girls, PLEASE limit the poop posts. No one wants to know. Really. And I say this as both a mother of a pooper, and a loyal fan of your blog.

September 8, 2008 at 1:07 PM  

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