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Friday, September 5, 2008

More on poop

Uh-oh! I smell something stinky! "Margaret! Do you have a poop in your diaper??" She shakes her head, says, "Neh!" and points to Josephine, who is climbing on top of the Dora kitchen to sit in the sink and rattle her pots. "Josephine! Margaret says you have a poop in your diaper!" Monkey jumps down, grabs her tushie between her little hands, and skedaddles out of the room, giggling wildly.

And she does have a poop in there!

The babies have colds. I have to put them to bed with their headbands on... otherwise they wake up with that crazy hair glued to their cheeks with snot. You curly-headed people know what I mean, right?

And here is what Lucy says, "If you don't make me strawberry milk, I won't be your friend." Oh really?? Girlfriend...

Things I have learned about Germany:
They don't eat cookies.
They like whole-wheat bread (of course!!)


Anonymous Shelly C said...

Only you can start a blog post with excrement and end it with food.
Not eat cookies. Nein! No one can resist those jelly-filled, chocolate covered, gingerbread cookies that are ubiquitious around the holidays. mmmmm.

September 5, 2008 at 12:31 PM  

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