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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chocolate giggles

Lucy likes it when I bring her a treat for the ride home from school. (Who doesn't like a treat?) And sometimes it helps hasten her out the door. Sometimes she would actually prefer to play with her pals than hop in the car with me!

So yesterday, I grabbed her jacket from her cubby, swung into the classroom, and found her busy with a purple crayon and coloring book. "Hello my Lucylu!!" She grins huge. And then returns to work. "Come on! I have a treat for you the car!" (Shameless!) So she slips on her jacket, strolls out the door. ("Hey Lucy-Goose! Wait!" She can't leave without a loooong hug from Kyle.)

Inside the car, I hand over an organic chocolate truffle. "Chock-oh-lit!" she cries, and giggles. And I just love that! Because that is EXACTLY how I feel when somebody gives me a chocolate truffle too.


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