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Friday, January 4, 2008

Conversations with Lucy, cont.

It was still dark when Lucy crawled into bed, squeaking on that darn nipple, snuggling between David and me. "Is oo-boo ettee?" she asks. "Whaa?" I say, squinting over at her.

"Is Boo-Boo etty?" she repeats, clenched her teeth.

"Yes, Boo-Boo is very pretty," I say.

Squeak, squeak. "Anta ook im oo a or oe?" she asks.


"Did Santa take him to the North Pole?" I guess.

"Yes," I say.

So why didn't Santa bring him back for Christmas??

"Maybe he's Santa's helper," I lamely suggest.

Squeak, squeak. (Now, I know I told Lucy that Boo-Boo was inside a raccoon's belly, but apparently she didn't like that answer. This new picture is much more attractive, no?)

Later, she comes into the bathroom, while I'm showering, and hops onto the toilet. (My God. Am I to have no peace??) "I want to go to the North Pole and get Boo-Boo," she announces. "I miss Boo-Boo." Well, I miss him too, I tell her, but we can't go to the North Pole. We don't know where it is!

"Get a map," she tells me.


"My baby pee-pee'd on the floor!" Lucy announces.

"Why?" I ask, horrified.

"She's jus' a baby," she says patiently.

"Well. Where's her diaper?"

"I took it off," she muses. Pause. "She had poop in it."

"And then I forgot," she concludes.

Says David: "Lucy is not ready for parenthood."


"Whaa's that?" Lucy asks me.

"Oh. A white chocolate truffle. Want it?" I ask.

"No. I don't like candy."

"You don't!?"

"No. I'm too old for candy. I jus need a stroller," she sighs.


"Lulu -- have you seen your Dora movie? We need to return it to the library."


"Oh dear, where do you think it could be??"

"Maybe the gorilla took it," she shrugs.


Speaking of...Lucy just ran by.

"The gorilla is chasing me! Oh, no! Go away, gorilla! I'm old and fat!!"


Blogger Marymurtz said...

I miss the mispronunciations and cute phrases. But the "Get a map" comment killed me! It's great how mystical the children think the world and their parents are, until we say something they feel is so unforgivably obtuse. "Duh--I know you can get to the North Pole. Mapquest it, idiot!"

January 5, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

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