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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That's my girl!

On Sunday, Lucy was flying through the living room, arms rotated back for maximum lift, when she stopped short. "Wass that?" she demanded. "An ironing board," David told her. "An ironing board?" she wondered. "Thass for mommies and daddies?"
"For sleeping??"

Yes, at the age of 35, I have finally bought an ironing board. Those of you who see me at work in the mornings can sigh with relief...but, ha! I have no intention of ironing CLOTHES with it! Sillies! My mother wanted to iron our new curtains and I couldn't very well tell her to put a towel on the floor...

Still, Lucy's amazement that such a thing exists -- for what, exactly?? -- provides even more proof that she is, indeed, a child of mine. (As if her birth, which I personally witnessed, wasn't evidence enough.)

Another funny thing she said, while we were driving in my NEW blue minivan, which I had no choice but to buy.
"Mommy. I have to pee."
"Okay, baby, we'll be home in a minute."
"Pee!! Stay in there! Just a minute? Okay?? OKAY!!"

Other baby news, we strolled down to the post office a few days ago and weighed the girlies on the mail-your-own package scale. I think Josephine weighs close to 9 lbs! (And her lung x-ray on Friday looked better too.) Princess Margaret, aka Chubchub, weighed in at more than 12. At the new prices, I couldn't afford to ship her away! That is, if I wanted to, which I most definitely do not.


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