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Saturday, May 12, 2007

When I was in second grade...

When I was in second grade, Danny D. made me cry during reading. He told me to point to a word with my middle finger and then, when I did it, he laughed at me (evil! evil!) and told me that I had just swore at him and he was going to tell Miss Landers and I was going to get in TROUBLE!

He was smart, but maybe a little mean too. In third grade, he told Stephen H. that he picked his nose with a log. In fifth grade, he swore at our favorite teacher. In sixth grade, he told my best friend that her breasts looked like "sparrows" -- what does that mean??? And then he told Miss Pucci, our Spanish teacher, "Don't be surprised if your car blows up." (Can you imagine if he said that today? He'd be expelled!! Seriously.)

He was the tallest boy in the class, with a long nose and dark, curly hair. (I always wanted to be the tallest girl, but was not). In middle school, he started wearing knee-high, tan suede, lace-up boots that looked like something Davy Crockett -- or some other kid with a big knife -- would wear.

Danny was friends with Allyn, who was really smart -- in fifth grade, he got the second highest reading score in our grade on the Iowa skills test. (Hmm, I wonder who got the highest score...) He was not mean. He was a little goofy. Sometime around sixth grade, I think his parents divorced -- they were famous, in a local paper kind of way, for an epic feud with their next-door neighbors -- and then Allyn got in lots of trouble for taking the blue art-supply clay and making a penis and vagina with it, and making them have sex at his desk. (I saw it. But when my mother asked if I knew what Allyn had gotten in trouble for -- she was friends with the teacher -- I said NO! And thankfully, she dropped the subject.)

He was not so tall, blond, and maybe a little bit fat. My mother would say "soft."

So, you might ask...whatever happened to Danny and Allyn?? Well, I last saw Danny about 10 years ago, at a gas station on Burnside Avenue in East Hartford, and he told me he was training at Gold's Gym to be a kickboxer, but also planning to be a commercial airline pilot for Northwest Airlines. (I thought, hm, really... but then again, the kickboxer thing seemed POSSIBLE.) He was actually very nice. I last saw Allyn around the same time in the Stop & Shop. Was he working there? I can't remember. I know I said hi, but he didn't say much. Then, not too long after that, I heard from a friend, who used to live a few houses down from Allyn, that he was "into drugs."

Anyhoo...if that were the end of the story, it wouldn't be too interesting...So, get this! Allyn and Danny have been arrested for running a drug ring! Late last year, the DEA arrested Danny, "a graduate student at Central CT University" in his Audi, with his very young girlfriend, in front of his house -- he still lives with his parents?! -- with $80,000 cash and 22,000 Ecstasy pills. They also arrested Allyn at his New Britain apartment, which the DEA called the "headquarters" of the ring, with more drugs, more money, and an assault rifle with scope at the front door and a shotgun in a closet at the back door.

My guess is Allyn was the brains of the operation. (Yes, I'm still mad about that middle finger trick!) My other guess is they'll probably go to prison for a while. (Federal drug sentences are CRAZY. It's not like they KILLED anybody...they sold silly drugs to college students.) From a distance, the whole story is quite exciting. Up close, it's much more sad. How does a sort of squishy, very smart third-grader end up in prison? If I thought he was staying in there forever, I'd send him a note.

I can't wait to tell my mother. She will cluck-cluck with regret about Allyn, but I'll bet you $100 that she says about Danny -- "I am not surprised!"

(If anybody can figure out the sparrow thing, do tell...)

(Oh, and David says this is not a big deal. He went to high school in Northport with an actual devil-worshipper who tortured and murdered another kid, forcing him to say "I love Satan," with his dying breath, after a black crow told him to, in the Long Island woods. I agree. That is much more interesting. But I don't know anybody like that. Thank God!)


Anonymous Gail said...

Here's the thing with the sparrows comment, I believe he really said "your tits look like sparrows" -- can I say tits on here? Very crude. Sorry. I do recall the shirt I was wearing though, a pink, short sleeved, frilly blouse. I was incredibly horrified when he said it. I might still be incredibly horrified -- he did say it loud enough for some other boys sitting around him to hear it. In fact one of those boys I'm sure is now a close neighbor of yours. And just for any readers sake...for the record, my tits do not look like sparrows.

May 17, 2007 at 6:01 PM  

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