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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

promises, promises

I am preparing a contract for Lucy's signature. It says, "I, Lucy, promise to go on an African safari with my mother when I am 16. I do not want a car." Seriously. I'm going to put it in a box somewhere and then wave it around when she's 16. Maybe I will write an addendum, "Also, I promise, of my own free will and consent, to listen to my mother when I am a teenager."

Seriously, I told her last night that we should go to Africa and she said, "OF COURSE!" she wants to come too. She wants to go when she is 9 and the babies are 7, but that's crazy talk. I think 16 and 14 will give me much more time to save my coupon money, plus maybe they won't cry hysterically at the immunizations. I said, "You won't decide you want a car instead?"

She paused.

"No, I will want an airplane," she decided.

Meanwhile, the twins of mischief went into the kitchen and filled my mini-muffin pan with tasty mounds of Morton's salt. And then they pulled all of Lucy's undies out of her drawer. And then they dragged the hallway runners into the bathroom. And then... wait a second, I do watch them! Yes I do!! And I resent your accusations. You try keeping track of small children with the apparent ability to invisibilate. (I just made that word up, but feel free to disseminate at will. No contracts are binding.)

Status updates:

Cell phone: Still working!!
Cakes: Country pear was too dry.
Work: Seriously?
Books: Eh. The new Wally Lamb was too-too.


Blogger What A Card said...

I can't believe the things my boys get up to while I'm *sure* I'm watching them. It's unbelievable!

I figure it's just a sign that our kids are super-productive...they get far more done than we can imagine. Now if we could just harness that power for good...

April 8, 2009 at 11:39 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Invisibliate is a made up word? It seemd so logical.

April 8, 2009 at 3:43 PM  

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