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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the rocks, please

Today's morning snack: Bacon and cocoa.


Early this morning, long before the big kids dragged themselves out of bed, Lucy and I grabbed our new purple two-person flyer and hit the ice hill across the street. Were we fast?! Wooooweee! We hit the fence, baby! All the waaaay! A guy with a shivering German shepherd stopped us on the slog back up, me crunching through the ice on the incline, Lucy about 125 pounds lighter (oh, how I lie...), slipping along the surface in her princess boots.

"That's..." he paused.

Dangerous? Foolhardy? Bad mothering?

"Well, it looks like fun," he concluded.

He opted not to borrow our sled and try it himself, but David -- on the way to the bus stop -- did give it a go. "I don't know how to steeeeeeer!" And then, of course, we needed a little bacon and cocoa before Mommy had to do a little work. (I do actually work sometimes. It's true.)

What else is going on here? I promised to post photos...

This one is from the pre-inauguration concert:

See?? Bono?? That's him!!

In 1987, I saw U2 at the Hartford Civic Center -- the Joshua Tree tour! I should have bought a T-shirt... My father used to know a guy who worked at the Civic Center. About that guy, this is what I remember: One dark night, when he was walking home from my father's bar, a can of beef stew in each of his jacket pockets, he fell into the pond in Goodwin Park. He thought he was going to die! Dragged to his death by Dinty Moore. Sort of like Virginia Woolf, except much less poetic. And of course less effective, since the pond is only about 3 feet deep.

Anyway, he eventually became an HVAC guy, but those tickets that he got for us were quite good. Bono looked right at me! And then picked this funky girl with white hair out of the crowd to dance on stage with him (remember that music video with Courteney Cox? Was it Courteney Cox? Pulled on stage by Bruce Springsteen? Isn't that how she got famous?) Anyway, later that summer, I went to a sleep-away writing camp (I know, you can tell I've been formally trained, huh?) and, during orientation, we all had to say something true about ourselves and something false, and this one girl (her name was Siobhan, can you believe I remember that??) said, "I danced with Bono." And it was her! It was true!

I can't remember what I said, but I bet it wasn't that interesting.

One more photo...

Between inaugural events (I know, I have to move on with my life...) we headed out to Great Falls park, where we ran into a small giraffe, wandering in the woods. This is really inhospitable weather for giraffes! You know they usually live in Africa. Or western Palm Beach County. Anyway, we brought her home, where she sometimes wears pants and eats bacon, and shows a great deal of interest in our toilet. (Last night she actually shouted PEEEEEeee and scampered over to it!)

(I do not know why my hat looks like that. Russian. I bought it 10 years ago on a ski trip to Colorado, where it was supposed to make me look like a teenage snowboarder... Feel free, any of you with skillz, to make and send me a new hat! I would be so happy!)


Anonymous Lynda said...

Early moring sledding is the ONLY way to go. LOL Years ago...when my son was a preschooler...I would leave early for daycare so we could stop by my school and sled down the HUGE mounds of snow pushed off the parking lot. This was in the freaking DARK morning hours. LOL He loves hearing about those days.

January 28, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

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