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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

But we did beat a 9-year-old!

Almost forgot! Auntie Pamela and I did the Scope It Out 5K this weekend! We saw one man dressed as a giant polyp, another asshole in a Scottish kilt (ooh, I'm kidding...) a whole bunch of cheery blossoms, and far too many children in size 7-8 jogging suits. (One should not gasp for breath during family time, IMO.)

I would say it was a wee bit intimidating at first. We strolled up to the course in front of some "athletes" talking about their "tri times." Good grief! One of them claimed to do 12 pool laps in three minutes. (Hello? Hall of Superheroes? I found Aquaman! He's wandering the streets of DC!)

I had flashbacks to a 5K that my friend Gwyneth and I ran in Port St. Lucie, like 10 years ago? We finished LAST. Really. And we were melted into little sweaty puddles of humiliation by the sincere encouragement of every other runner, who waited at the finish line to say, "Good job, girls! You did it!" And, of course, the sorry results have been archived forever on these great Internets of Embarrassment.

I told Pamela, "I will not be embarrassed! It's not like these people know me!"

"Not yet," she said.

We finished right behind a 76-year-old woman, which doesn't sound so great... but hey, she set a course record for her age group! And we did manage to outpace "the stroller people," which was an enormous relief to both of us. (One of the 11-year-olds ran the course in 24 minutes! Is that good for her growing joints??)

Many thanks to BridalBird, who came to cheer us on! Yippee! Pamela posted some pictures at her blog -- where you also can learn everything you need to know about knitted socks and shawls and super-cool hats. (I think she's making me a felted ball necklace!!) She sent me a picture of the two of us at the finish line, but I think it is not very flattering.

Instead I will post a picture of my rear end. See? In the long pants? Upper left?


Blogger Pamela said...

Which, since I took the picture shows how determined you were not to be the last one!

No, it isn't a flattering picture. Next time I guess I should check and ask for a reshoot.

April 2, 2008 at 8:27 AM  

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