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Thursday, May 3, 2007

My friend Medela

That's my breast pump. My companion for at least three hours a day...and I'm starting to hate her. She does a fine job and all that, but she wants too much of my time! Remember Donna on 90210? Sweet, of course...but in way too many scenes. That's Medela.

(Personal record: Fourteen ounces in one pumping!! I could have made creme brulee to serve six!)

Here's what would help. Making pumping more socially acceptable. I think it's pretty much okay these days to breastfeed in front of friends and family, and in lots of public places -- say, playgrounds, Starbucks, airport lounges... But pumping? Oh dear. One needs a door... There's something about it, isn't there? I have exactly two friends who don't flee when I start up the engines -- and I've known one for 10 years and the other for...oh my god, 21 years?

So, what the hell? It's not right, I tell ya. If I had more time I'd start a campaign! Public Pumpers Unite!
(Because my boycott of Tom Hanks films was ever so successful... Seriously!! What's he been in lately! huh? )

One more thing, when I was feeding Lucy-lu, I dragged my Traveller (in its stylish AND discreet black backpack) all over the country. I pumped in airport bathrooms (Welcome to Huntsville!); in my rental car, parked down the street from Eudora Welty's childhood home; in the bathroom at Mount Vernon, during a DOE press conference on NCLB; and, in more than one school parking lot...which brings me to my one piece of advice to fellow pumpers:
Avoid the school bus loop.


Blogger Marymurtz said...

I have a friend that lived on an acreage outside of the city and had to drive over 40 minutes to and from work every day. She had a three year old in the back seat, next to the tiny baby beside him in his car seat. M would drive along at 70mph, with her cell phone on her shoulder and a breast pump going, steering the car with her knee.

She said the day the trucker in an 18-wheeler almost jackknifed his truck when he glanced down while passing her was the day she decided that multi-tasking was dangerous for everyone.

May 4, 2007 at 10:51 PM  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Mary -- That sounds like a better test of dexterity than that Olympic ski and shoot event! (And for speed/endurance tests, I would propose trying to finish your grocery shopping before the 2-year-old finishes her unwashed pint of blueberries!)

May 5, 2007 at 5:50 AM  

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