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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thanks a lot, Aetna!!

You refused to approve a Synagis shot for Josephine. Well, now she has bilateral pneumonia. Good thinking!

I can't wait until you get the bills for this week's adventure. Three doctor's visits (so far), one chest X-ray, two blood tests, two nasal swab tests, one new nebulizer, one prescription for Albuterol, another antibiotic on its way... If you had approved the vaccine when her doctor asked for it, you actually would have saved money -- and Josephine certainly would have been saved a lot of misery. (Margaret got the shot and caught the same cold at the same time -- and she's already feeling fine in her bouncy seat.)


(And, listen, my law school friend, don't send me any lawyer emails about this post! The truth is my defense!)


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