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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Mommy Quiz

Can you identify this object?
If so, you're either a parent -- or one hell of a good auntie or uncle. (And also somebody who doesn't mind tilting their head to the side...) Unfortunately, this particular bulb syringe is getting a good workout in our house. The babies are sick, especially Josephine. They snuffle and cry, and wheeze and fret...and, of course, they hate the bulb syringe. They wave their little hands around and scream -- stop! stop! stop! And, if it's Josephine who is screaming, Margaret gets very quiet, as if to say, "I am fine over here. Really. Just fine." I'll tell you what tho, I feel very accomplished when I blow out a really big one. It's like playing sports again.

Anyway, I'm sure Lucy brought a bug home, but I'm blaming Aetna anyway. In the hospital, both girls got a shot of Synagis, a vaccine that prevents respiratory viruses in at-risk infants. It lasts for 30 days. Then, two weeks ago, Margaret got a second shot, but Aetna won't cover Josephine's. She might not yet weigh 6 pounds. but she's considered healthier than her pudgy sister, who still has heart problems. Anyway, we appealed, but they rejected her again. If we smoked, she could get it. And it's $1,200 a shot.

Not that Aetna has been terrible (although they systematically reject one twin's bill every time I take them both to the doctor -- hello! it's not a duplicate bill! there are two children!) These babies have cost close to $200,000 -- with all the ultrasounds, echocardiograms, etc. -- and I think I've personally paid about $15. Can you imagine if you didn't have insurance?? It's totally crazy.

I'm voting for John Edwards, by the way.


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