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Monday, April 9, 2007

Tchabo, Tchabo!!

I saw Dr. Tchabo today for a six-week postpartum visit. He's going to be talking about the girls at a conference next week on Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome. I almost asked him if he wanted to take them and pass them around... They're celebrities! (Can they demand Perrier in their preemie formula? Satin sheets in their crib?) Anyway, I never understand everything he says, which I think was for the best when I was pregnant. ("Lady Ellen! Blah-blah, you're doing a wonderful job! Blah-blah, cervix, maybe next week? Blah-blah, don't worry! There will be no surprises!) I know for sure he used the word miracle today. And I guess they are.
I came home and looked at the TTTS survival rates again (I had been trying to forget them for the past six months). In our situation, without surgery or amnio-reduction, it's less than 5 percent. **
(See?! Pretending everything is fine IS a viable strategy!)
In other news, David picked up an anti-Bush book, "Cruel and Unusual," at the salvage yard last weekend, along with a set of interior wood doors. Some of our Easter gang yesterday thought the publisher was reaching out to the wrong demographic, but hello? Republicans buy new, I can assure you! Still, I'm not reading it. I don't need another white guy in wire-rimmed glasses telling me why Bush stinks.
Two more years...

** Five percent is when you just wait and see. I did take that crazy drug for a week, which was supposed to work like an amnioreduction (without the big needle). So, maybe it's more accurate to look at survival rates for amnioreduction?? That would be 40 percent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Tchabo is a wonderful doctor. I moved 8 hours away and I still go back to VA for an annual check-up because I trust him to be the best.

April 28, 2010 at 10:25 AM  

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