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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Just a liddle bit!

Three things I will hear today:
1) "I want to make a protreck!" Lucy's projects involve magazine pictures -- Smithsonian is good, Vanity Fair not so great -- as well as googly eyes, pompoms, rotini, Cheerios, and Flintstone vitamins. I think it's her ticket to Georgetown. (It's much more competititve than when I got in!)
2) "Tzeek!" When I was a kid, I invented my own bad word: ROCCOFARCO! Imagine my pride then that Lucy has done the same. It works especially well when somebody pinches her tushie.
3) "Just a liddle bit!" Every night, when we go to bed, Lucy sucks happily away on her beloved baba until it squeaks. And then, she says, "More milk??? Come on... Just a liddle bit?"

And three more things I did hear:
1) "Doctor Lucy here! You need a shot!"
2) "No, Mommy, stop singing!" (Why?) "Because I busy!"
3) "Thank you for sharing, Mommy."


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