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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Proof that I spent too much money on that dress for the bar mitzvah...

They sent me a thank-you card!! And yet, it appears that I'm not the fashion-obsessed woman of the house. That would be Lucy, who informed me yesterday that she needs a new pair of green Crocs. (And we don't even let her watch commercial television!)
"You have yellow Crocs! And I'm not getting you another pair."
"But, but, the yellow ones are getting a little bit too BIG! I need new ones. I just need green ones -- like that balloon."
"Your yellow ones are not getting too big, Lulu. They fit perfectly and they look very nice."
"But, but, I need green shoes."
"You have green sandals."
"But, but, I need green Crocs!"
"No, Mommy has no money.

This started because I told her we were going to Nordstroms (oh, how I love Nordstroms) to buy ME a pair of Crocs. Yes, I know they're ugly...but I think they'll be handy at the beach. I hate flip-flops. Indeed, I have NEVER owned a pair. So, off we go -- me and Lucy and M & J -- and stroll over to the BP shoes department. (What does that mean?? Bery Pretty?)
She says, "You want yellow ones, like me?"
"Naah, maybe pink ones."
"No. You want yellow ones, like me?"
"I don't think so. How about green?"
"No. You want yellow ones, like me?"
"Well, maybe I won't get Crocs at all. How about these cool blue shoes?"
"No. You want yellow ones, like me?"
"YES! I think I do! I want yellow ones like you!"
"Put them on now, Mommy."


Anonymous Alain said...

You may have tried this, but our little strategy is,
You don't have to pee, you just need to CHECK for pee. By sitting on the toilet.
Ours is bigger but it might work on a two-year-old, too. [Ours was in diapers at that age.]

July 4, 2007 at 5:56 PM  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That's a good one.
I also say, "Let's read a book! On the toilet." And sometimes she falls for that. Usually, if you can get her on the toilet and she does have to pee, the urge is irresistible...

July 4, 2007 at 6:02 PM  

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