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Monday, June 25, 2007

School's Out!

Today is Lucy's last day at her daycare in the city. And I think I'm a little more sad about it than she is. Well, I'd have to be, because she's not sad at all! Still, considering how often she's been going lately -- a total of 6 days in the month of June, at the Breakers rate of nearly $200 a day -- it certainly doesn't make sense to keep her there. We'll have fun at home. All four of us. (All four of us?!! Good God!)

Anyway, when we first brought Lucy there, she was a wee little 4-month-old. I didn't want to leave her. But I liked Miss Julia, the lead teacher in the infant room. She's this gigantic women who wears neat little velvet hats in the winter, talks way too much about her sex life as a 60-year-old newlywed, and gives good hugs. And I liked her assistant, Francella. She has the same birthday as one of my sisters -- the bossy one -- and I used to tell her how much they had in common... Lucy used to come home smelling like her perfume.

A good Francella story: One day, when she accidentally overslept, her phone rang and woke her up. When she answered it, it was silent. And that's because it was Jesus calling her!! He had delivered a personal wake-up call and saved her from getting in trouble at work. Julia also goes to church twice a week, but she had a more secular view of life (and her appliances). When she imagined she was pregnant -- at the age of 60! -- she said she just wasn't sure WHAT SHE WOULD DO!

Still, daycare is not "nanny-care," as Miss Mary says, and we didn't see eye to eye about everything. It was not a good day when Francella told me that I held Lucy too much. Hm, I said. You think so? Well, you're making it hard for us, she snapped back.

And her current room has its ups and downs. The lead teacher is a sweetie. But her assistant... she's like the Giuliani of the Turtle Room. (Can you imagine Rudy as a daycare teacher??!) She likes her rules. A lot. Too many times, we've gone to get Lucy and the WHOLE CLASS is in a time-out because they've been: A) Jumping; B) Squealing; or C) Plain gettin' on her nerves!

Okay, I might be a real softie, because it doesn't seem to bother the other parents, but I say that's what 2-year-olds do...especially Option C. (If you can't take it, well... get into animal control. I've got your first assignment in our backyard.) And I think it's from the Assistant DA that Lucy has picked up her latest mad retort: "I'm not playing wichu!" (She also learned to say a very sincere "graces" from them. Amen.)

Anyway, we'll be hanging out in the inflatable pool; going to the zoo; and then heading off to Cape Cod for a few weeks. In September, Lucy will go to a new school in Arlington where they have Spanish and French lessons and a visiting ballet teacher and everything will be perfect.


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