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Monday, July 2, 2007

You've Got Mail!

My 17-year-old niece left us yesterday, after a week of entertaining Lucy, changing diapers and taking endless cell-phone pictures of the cutest three girls ever. She was a great help. And Lucy is very sad that she's gone now. They went strolling for ice cream yesterday and the scooper asked Lucy if this was her mommy. (She looks like she's 15!!) And Lucy said, "She's not my mommy! She's my Sarah!" I'm trying to convince her to apply to some colleges in DC, but she doesn't want to leave her best friend in New Hampshire... Considering BFF has a 1.6 GPA, I think their options are somewhat limited.

Anyway, I was worried that she might be bored -- or that she might miss her friends at home, but she never left them! She's addicted to her cell phone! Not so much the talking part (at least while we're around...), but the text-messaging part. She came out of the shower with it tucked into her towel. She slept with it. I swear, she's going to get one of those weird Atari thumb diseases.

Fortunately, for your enjoyment, I managed to capture a few of those messages.

#1: In DC!! Dingleberry cabby no speak English. OMG. I'm lost.

#5: Cutest babies ever!! I want one!!

#32: Baby crying. Gotta go.

#42: Can't talk! Baby still crying!!

#87: At playground. Wore bikina for nada. Where da boys?!

#105: At pool. Other mommy doesn't shave. Anywhere!!

#106: Aunt says it's liberating. WTF??!

#169: Going to Georgetown! By myself! Urban Outfitters here I come!!

#205: Spent cab fare on new shorts. That's whacked.

#280: Talking to strangers! Said I'm au pair from Sweden.

#363: My cousins love me :)

#408: Aunt bugging me about college. La-la-la!

#468: At zoo. Saw your cousin in monkey house. LOL.

#501: Ummm. Pancakes.

#622: All three crying!! OMG! I'm crying too, I swear.

#654: Too tired to talk.

#708: Crying again.

#765: Still crying.

#766: Changed mind about babies. Not for me.

#805: Coming home! Get the party started!

#888: Miss babies ;)


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