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Friday, June 29, 2007


Get it? Like okay? But au-k? Because I'm going to write about our au pair applicants...

Anyway, after rejecting applicants from Mexico and Thailand, David and I have accepted a 23-year-old university student from El Salvador (which is not an island, in case you're wondering...) She seems nice. She says she's not afraid of winter or two crying babies. (Shouldn't she be??) She has some experience with infants, which is more than the other two and she speaks English quite well. (I did like the Thai candidate -- she was a Buddhist. And she cooks! Would she have made us sticky rice with mangoes? Because I love that and now I wish I had given it more specific consideration...) Our Salvadorean identified herself as "Christian" -- is that code for something weird?? I would prefer more specificity in my religious labels -- like Catholic. Baptist. Presbyterian. (And then I could put my decades-old, but completely unfulfilled stereotypes to use.) Anyway, her interests are: the beach, soccer and family...

Hey, wait a second, I like the beach too! So there you go! It's going to be great!

Miss Julia (at Lucy's old daycare) is worried that we're going to have some nutcase in our house. Well, I hope not! But how can you tell in a 30-minute international phone call?? Ugh. As some of you know, I have to hire interns at my job and, as some of you know, I have revealed myself to be a downright shitty judge of character. (Who could have guessed that the polite young man tortured kitchen appliances with his fists?? Or that the demure young woman was actually a spiritual sister to the reclusive Emily Dickinson, making it impossible for her to REPORT STORIES.) And I actually met those people in person!

Still, I have a good feeling. We were at the pool yesterday and I sat down next to a woman from El Salvador, who came here 23 years ago and now is the supervisory custodian at a Georgetown law firm. She has 6-year-old twin girls and a 24-year-old son. She immediately picked up Margaret and held her, rocked her, fed her a bottle, and talked my ear off for two hours about family, babies and her brother-in-law's cheating ex-wife. This is a good sign, isn't it? So now I am going to make a sweeping conclusion that Maria M. (who will meet me again at the pool next week) represents all of her former countrymen and our new au pair will be just as nice.

HEALTH UPDATE: The girlies are four months old!! Margaret weighs 13 lb 8 oz, which puts her in the formal AMA weight classification known as "chubchub." Josephine weighs 10 lb 4 oz, which puts her in the formal AMA weight classification known as "peanut."


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