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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Margaret? It's Rummie on the phone again.

I took the babies for blood tests yesterday. Oh, how I dreaded it! More than three months ago, their conscientious doctor wrote scrips for anemia/lead screens, and somehow I managed to lose them under a mountain of chocolate wrappers and CA Pizza Kitchen coupons... My friend Meg told me she evaded the needle for her daughter's first three years. Inspiration!! But I got cornered by the ped a couple of weeks ago -- "Uh...lead? Um...oh, I dunno."

Lucy told me, "I don't want to go to the blood doctor with the babies! I can't stand to hear them cry!" Oh, tell me about it, big girl!

First up, Margaret. She has bigger arms. Should be easier, I witlessly decide. She smiles up at the young technician, who groans, "I feel like a monster." Yeah, well... The needle is tiny and has a pretty blue butterfly on it. Margaret is delighted! The alcohol swab is cold and soft. Margaret is mystified! And then, bango! There's a hole in her arm. And Margaret is annoyed.

"Eh!" she says, as the tech moves the needle (in her arm!) from the left to the right, searching for a vein. Margaret tries to pull her arm away and says it again, this time with a little more tone, "EH!" (You are incompetent!) And then she says NOTHING ELSE. She even gives over her second arm for a second poke.

Surely Josephine will cry. But no. She doesn't. She looks suspiciously at the tech and rightly refuses to smile. (You don't fool me!!) But she doesn't blink.

"They didn't even cry!" Lucy marvels.


In other news, the babies are leading another anti-terrorism seminar in McLean this weekend, and their work in Guantanamo was apparently very well-received. I do worry that they're up to no good, I mean, come on, why has VP DICK suddenly appeared in our speed dial list?? But they don't tell me anything.


Blogger Daav said...

Maybe they're the ones who used your Paypal account without permission. VP Dick has got them laundering (rendering?) money for him! I've long suspected Margaret might be a closet Republican. She's a big proponent of the "might-makes-right" doctrine.

June 24, 2008 at 3:13 PM  

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