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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Public Pumpers Unite!

The campaign for public breastpumping continues. Our goal: Make it as socially acceptable as breastfeeding. Note to staff: Fix the squeak!!

In this last campaign cycle, we made the very smart decision to concentrate our marketing/branding efforts on Generation Y. (Or Z??) In any case, the young people were targeted. Remember! They are the future!

Side note: The elderly population is on our side! For example: Campaign president's FATHER gave her a newspaper clipping about the benefits of breastfeeding. Very strange! We thought he would be resentful after she commandeered his recliner for pumping purposes. Not so!! (Note to self: Can we ask him to write to Congress for breastpumping legislation?? Make clear: Not that punk Chris Dodd!)

Our prediction: Victory is close at hand!! We have convinced 9-year-old niece and 9-year-old niece's cousin that it is perfectly normal to watch Hell's Kitchen while pumping milk. Niece's cousin said, "What's that?... Oh! Can I WATCH? I want to see it!!... Hm. It's not very fast... Hm. Does it hurt?"

Message: It never hurts. Repeat. Never. No matter what you'd really like to say about clogged milk ducts, etc., we must not SCARE the children.

Also targeted: Seventeen-year-old hipster niece and niece's friend. We know they're on board, even though they're too cool to say so. Repeat: Do not show them nursing bra!!

Mixed success: Thirteen-year-old nephew. "Can I sit there? Wha? What are you doing? Ohhhh." Silence. Still, he did NOT leave the room!! He turned on Dave Chappelle and sat down on less preferred seat! (Note to self: Review decision to take recliner for own purposes. Was it worth possibly alienating the boys??) Also, what's up with 13-year-old's friends?? Do they have neck problems? (Can we access medical records??) Or... were they WARNED to look away?!

Action items: Must keep up the pace! Perhaps host tea party??
Look up recipe: Cupcakes with special milk?


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