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Thursday, April 5, 2007

oh, poops!

So, we moved to Arlington -- from the carjacked streets of NE DC -- in part because I fell in love with the playgrounds. Oi! No broken glass under the slide! (Seriously...) And, of course, it helped that the libraries had wood puzzles and Kipper DVDs, and the schools are great. All these public amenities made up for leaving our friends. (Sort of.) Anyway, on Monday, we took Lucy and the twins to the big playground near Yorktown. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I was thinking, oh, maybe life isn't so bad here in the first-tier suburbs... Lucy was getting a huge kick out of the catwalk climb to the big slide -- although she refused to go down it. My little chicken. Still, it was fun.
And then, a little boy pooped on the sidewalk. Right there! As the ladies at Lucy's daycare say, "Whaaaa?!" I think his mother was one of those diamond-earring gals chatting busily by the sandpit -- because she didn't notice.
But Lucy certainly did!!
In other news, I have a clogged millk duct. (Too much, too early??) The mummies at babycenter offer lots of advice, including these two gems: Find the "white pimple" on your nipple and pop it. Hmm... Or, just as gross to some readers, I'm sure, ask your husband to "suck it out." Anyway, if the two little peanuts would just breastfeed already, instead of making me pump all the time, pump, pump, pump, pump, I'm sure this wouldn't have happened.
I blame the babies.
(Today is their due date!)


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